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Accreditation: ETDP: 10102 • TETA: 10-124 • Services: 2172
DoL: CI 656 (First Aid) • DoT Approval Number: PrDP (D) 2011/82 (Dangerous Goods) • DoL: 531 (Lifting Machines)

Enquiries, Bookings and Support: 086 11 PMADS (76237)

Assessor and Moderator Combo

Cost: R 6 210 (Includes VAT). Save R 2 500!

Boksburg 13 to 15 August 2018. Limited seats. This offer is valid while we have seats available on the dates advertised. We operate on ‘first come first served’ and reserve the right to refuse bookings on this offer.

Learner support in and out of the classroom is our first priority.
Our Mission: Enrich the lives of learners and maximise return on the sponsor’s investment.


We offer a wide range of Courses which can be customised to the Client’s requirements on our sites or on client sites for groups.
Skills Development Planning and Reporting, Training Committees, Equity Committees, Policy Developments, Job Descriptions….
ETQA Compliant LMS for Employers and Training Providers and Skills Information Management System for SDF’s